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Tree Survey Specialists
Tree Surveys is an arboricultural practice offering cost-effective solutions to tree problems in central and southern England. The practice has extensive experience working on a wide range of tree issues from decay and dysfunction, development and planning, to subsidence and litigation, spanning the last 25 years.
Tree Surveys / Tree Problems
Tree Surveys collects a range of objective information on a number of trees, a typical example would be the use of “British Standard 5837: Trees in Relation to Construction” on potential development sites, in order to integrate development.
Tree Report
Tree reports are often required for:
•  Mortgage lenders and purchasers prior to completion
•  Trees that are implicated in third party damages or
    personal injury
• Trees that are implicated in subsidence
Tree Hazard Assessment
Tree inspections collect a range of objective and subjective information about individual trees in a systematic approach, where defects are suspected they are confirmed by a thorough examination.
Decay Detection and Dysfunction
Tree Surveys consultants have extensive experience assessing trees for decay and dysfunction using state of the art instruments such as Picus Tomography, Resistograph, Chlorophyll Fluorescence and the Air Spade.
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